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25 years ago Macsen Industries filed for insolvency. Back in the 21st century this would have taken a few months to resolve, but intergalactic bureaucracy can take generations. 

Mara Station is positioned around planet  HIP 65426b.

Macsen Industries were secretive about why they positioned this station in orbit there and the insolvency files do nothing to illuminate the matter. It appears to be some sort of scientific  station, there appears to be no commercial production associated with the location. The planet itself has a limited atmosphere. Plant life was found but initial research surveys found the planet to be an economic and ecological dead end . There appeared to be no financial gain to be sought and so the planet was largely left unexplored. Charter rights were purchased by Macsen some 35 years ago and they were quick to establish Mara station. 

The station has remained derelict since the insolvency. Which was brought on by several lawsuits relating to the deaths of over 100 crew on the station. Officially linked to an ammonia leak.

With the process now completed the station has been declared abandoned and is now eligible for legitimate salvage. 

That is where we and you come in. Your work for RSRinc is simple but we have a limited window to make a claim to this station. We will be sending you, and others alongside you to secure this asset. Such a large station in good condition could be worth a small fortune. 

You will be given a crew assignment based on your various expertise. Crews will consist of a Scientist, Engineer, Security Detail and Corporate Liaison. 

You will be paid daily and can redeem credits as per your contract for additional requisitions.     
                                                                            -V- Corporate Handler  

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