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Forbidden Psalm is a 28mm tabletop skirmish game. Using these rules you can add

Orcs of the Clan 28 to any warband in any game of Forbidden Psalm.


For 25 gold you can hire any mercenary, including the Orcs of the Clan 28 to join your warband in any scenario. When you do, one of your warband stays behind as you cannot exceed five members per scenario.


Mercenaries never drop their equipment unless killed. If a mercenary is killed outright,

they cannot be rehired.

Free Mercenary rules


Orcs of the Clan 28

Agility +2

Strength +2

Presence -1

Toughness +2

Health 10

Armour 2



Can be equipped on recruitment with any weapon from Forbidden psalm. 

Torch, Medium Armour, Shield 


Flaws: Realist 

Feats: Lucky Goblin Foot


Special: Old School: Instead of using a D20 to undertake tests Roll a D6 and add relevant stat. On a roll of a 5+ they pass the test. 2-4 They fail. 1 or lower they Fumble. Rolling a 6 is critical.  

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